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Made to move

Movement is everything, literally, without movement you wouldn’t exist, nothing would exist. Everything is made up of movement! Even that solid chair you are sitting in is silently vibrating at a microlevel we cannot see with our eyes. It is movement that we are made off, finding stability far from [...]

The purpose of play

Saturdaymorning playtime. Always love those moments without any clear program or blueprint, but instead just moving for the sake of it and having fun while coming up with various stuff and challenging each-other. Yes, movement should be fun and challenging. Then it is one of the biggest medicines. It is [...]

Why we need instability

We love comfort, we love certainty, we love to predict our future, or at least we think so. In this blog I will show you why we should love the opposite. Ever since the mechanisation of our worldview through the laws of physics described by Newton and the following Industrial [...]